Industrial Park

The Industrial Park is located on the east side of I-75 and with the entrance off M-68,  While the park was initially designed and lots laid out in 2000 by the Planning Commission, as of December 2009

natural gas, electric and the road system serving the lots were all in place, and beginning in September 2015, the park is serviced by the new Tuscarora Township Sewer District. The park currently houses the new ambulance station for the Cheboygan County Ambulance Service. 

Due to the premier location, at the intersection of I-75, the primary N/S interstate highway in Michigan and the main E/W route in northeastern Michigan (M-68), it is anticipated the rate of development of the lots will greatly improve in the coming years. The property located south of the Industrial

Park is state owned land, as shown on Figure 4-1, thus may present opportunities for future

expansion when needed.

To see a list of the Park Restrictions click here Building & Use Restrictions

Lots are available for purchase from the Township.

Industrial Park Lot Map