Absent Voter Ballots

Effective January 2019 all registered voters in the state of Michigan can request an absentee ballot.  All other criteria for voting absentee are the same as listed below.  

An application to vote must first be requested and completed for every election.  You can request to be placed on the "Permanent AV" voter list so you will automatically have an application mailed to you.  

If you are not on the Permanent AV list be sure to make your request early to allow for delivery time.

Once the application has been returned to the clerk's office, a ballot will be mailed or issued in person.

Voters can also vote in person at the clerk’s office anytime up to the day before the election.

All absentee voter ballots must be received by the clerk no later than 8 p.m. on election day.

Please contact the Clerk at 231-238-0970 with any questions regarding this process.