Posted on: July 1, 2023

Annual Township Update

Transcript of Township Annual Report given by Trustee Janet Vance on June 29, 2023

Since last year at this time, there have a lot of changes…   Let me just mention of few of the most recent …

  1. FIREWORKS - the event will be on July 2, from Veteran's Pier.   In case of inclement weather, our rain date is July 5.  We are working with our vendor to make this the biggest and best show we have ever had, thanks to the generosity of those who donated to help make this possible. The Fourth of July Parade will be on Tuesday, the fourth, and is being organized by the DDA.
  2. FARMERS MARKET - the new farmers market is held every Thursday afternoon, from 2-6, behind the Northland Brewery.  This was a citizen driven committee, with people just seeing a need and making it happen.  The market has fast become a community event, and we are happy to see more and more vendors every week.  If you haven't attended the market yet, I urge you to do so.  And just a side note, all proceeds the vendors pay to participate are donated to the Joy Fellowship Food Bank.  
  3. COMMUNITY TRASH DAY - This event is scheduled for Saturday, September 9, at the Tuscarora Airport.  There will be a list of some items that will not be accepted, such as paint, tires, and batteries, but we will post this and more information on our website when it becomes available.   
  4. VA CLINIC - We had an update from Mr. Consack, the owner of the facility at the last meeting.  The clinic is ahead of schedule, and there are plans to have it finished sometime in August.  A bill has passed the House of Representatives to name the clinic after Justin Patton, but it still has to pass the Senate, but we are encouraged.   This is a really big deal, because most clinics are named after some unknown politician or general we have never heard of, and to get the clinic named after a local serviceman is quite an honor.  
  5. DOLLAR GENERAL ON M-27 - The project is coming along, and the store is expected to be open by the end of August.
  6. BIGBY COFFEE - This will be located where the old Paula's Café was located, which has recently been torn down.  The owner expects to have it opened sometime in the fall.
  7. THE LUMBAR YARD - is expected to be torn down sometime this summer.  There are no current plans for the property, other than to get rid of the eye-sore.  We will keep you informed as information is available.
  8. CLUB ROAD - Paving has been completed, other doing some edging work and the lines painted.  The road will be open starting tomorrow to the public and will remain open for the holiday weekend.
  9. AIRPORT - The Township has engaged a professional forester to bid out the timber harvesting around the airport.  The timber will net approximately $25 - 30 K for the airports much needed infrastructure improvements, and will enhance good forestry management.  
  10. STEPS TO THE RIVER - This project was never put out for bids as required, and because we are using federal ARPA funds, we are mandated to follow federal guidelines and put it out for bids.  Supervisor Kramer, Doug Schofield - Grounds Manager, and Chief Temple has inspected the area, and the safety concerns have been addressed.
  11. PARKS - There have been 1,000's of dollars of improvements to the Parks in the last several weeks.  First, the Tennis/Pickle Ball Court has been re-surfaced, as promised, and they look great!  In addition, the Township has purchased gravel to fill the potholes in the driveway and road of Cooperation Park, including in front of the Basketball Courts, the washout in Hideaway Park, and today, the stabilizing lower Marina Park has started.  This will allow more parking area to be available.  There were concerns about the condition of the bleachers at Cooperation Park, and when this was brought to our attention, the Parks Commission and Grounds crew jumped right on this and is already taking care of that issue. A DNR SPARKS grant has been applied for to help with construction of new bathrooms at DeVoe Beach. The new Boat docks next to the boat launch are up and running and available for public use.  
  12.  CEMETERY -

             Oak Hill - The cemetery building will be refurbished thanks to a Blight Elimination Grant from the State, and without using Township funds.The tree canopy is being pruned back and stumps ground down. This is an on-going effort, but will allow for more sunlight, more grass, and less mold on the monuments. The road access to the new section of Oak Hill has been improved to allow better entry to the cemetery.

            Ohioville Cemetery - We have had some tree stumps removed, along with a new American flag for the flag pole.

12.  MARTHA STREET PARKING LOT - There is a great need for additional downtown parking, and since the township already owns property that runs along the trail, north of Martha Street, this would be a viable location. The Board will be discussing this issue with the DDA in the coming months.    

13.  SEWERS UPDATE - The bids will be going out in August; the permit applications are currently being actively reviewed.  If there are any site changes to any private property, please take this opportunity to contact Aaron Nordman at Performance Engineering.

14.  GENERAL INFORMATION -  The Board initiated the first ever CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) for the Township.  This will prioritize projects for the           entire community.  The Planning Commission worked to organize and advise the many submissions, and they are currently working on the Township's  10 Year Master Plan.  The Board is working on written procedures to coordinate and support the first ever policy book the township has ever had.  Also, during the Regular Township Board meeting, directly following the Annual Meeting, we will be discussing and approving our annual budget.  The proposed Budget submitted by Supervisor Kramer is the first   BALANCED BUDGET the township has had in over 20 years… all without raising taxes!


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