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Posted on: April 6, 2021

Township News

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-  Residential Sewer Project application to move forward

-  Township Board salutes volunteers, declares special volunteer week April 18-24, 2021

-  DDA reports status of Streetscape

- Fireworks at Devoe Beach

- and much more.

Residential Sewer Project to move forward

The Township conducted a public hearing Tuesday, 7pm, April 6th, on its notice of intent to apply to the USDA for sewer loans and grants. Citizens comments were taken.

During the regular Board of Trustees Meeting that followed, there was an updated status report.

Performance Engineering will have their part of the application completed in a few days.

As soon as financial data is uploaded and our Burt Lake State Park Earmark Resolution passes the full Board, the Township will apply for Phase 1 of the residential project, hopefully next week, right after the USDA releases their Environmental Report. Thirty days later, the township will apply for the second phase. The project area, formally known as “Zone 2,” includes an area north of Barbara Avenue, including Sturgeon Island, east of Burt Lake, west of Straits Hwy, and the near north side of the Indian River along Prospect north to Hemlock St., including Columbus Beach. USDA has a scoring system to determine grant amounts. This is based on factors such as financial health, Median Household Income, etc.

The request for congressional earmark draft has been completed to submit to Congressman Bergman for consideration. The Board then passed a resolution supporting the earmark request to Congressman Bergman.

A Board sewer subcommittee was formed consisting of Supervisor Ridley and Trustees Vance and Kramer. The first subcommittee meeting will be April 15 following the noon special Planning Commission and Board of Trustee meeting. This meeting will be noticed and will be open to the public, as well as by phone or zoom.

See all updates on the sewer project at here.

Township Board salutes volunteers, declares special volunteer week April 18-24, 2021

 The Tuscarora Township Board of Trustees passed a special Resolution to honor volunteers in the community at its regular Board meeting on April 6th.

 The Board said that “Volunteers in Tuscarora Township protect our community, mentor our children, feed our hungry, comfort our lonely, beautify our green spaces, and fundraise for our charitable organizations." Additionally, the Board recognized and thanked community businesses, faith-based organizations, non-profit organizations, foundations, our volunteer fire department, boards, commissions and individuals who serve in our community to make a difference.

 To honor volunteers, the Board unanimously proclaimed April 18-24, 2021, as National Volunteer Week, and urge all citizens to recognize the crucial role played by volunteers in the community.

DDA reports status of Streetscape

DDA is working on the site furnishings (benches, bike racks and trash receptacles) They will be ordered soon and expect a 6 week wait for delivery.

Frost laws come off Thursday and OHM (consultants) plan on being back on site soon and anticipate starting back up on road work the first week of May.

The DDA has been discussing the priorities of the remaining work outside of the scope of the original bid.

They are (1) lighting between the township hall and Dairy Mart, (2) new sidewalk in front of CNB and Coldwell Banker, (3) removing more utility poles on the east side of S. Straits Hwy, (4) building a small pocket park at M-68 and S. Straits Hwy for a new sign and entrance sculpture into downtown Indian River. BLPA is raising money for a sculpture to go at that corner (Sturgeon) and are meeting with the DDA at the next meeting (4/19) at the township hall. 

See all the latest info on the Streetscape here.

Fireworks at Devoe Beach

Fireworks at Devoe Beach will start at dusk on July 2nd with the rain date scheduled for July 5th.

Road Dust Control Contract

A street brining/dust control contract for some township unpaved roads was passed.  Residents can expect their unpaved road to be brined in late June and through July.

South Ave Road Abandonment

The Board of Trustees declined to abandon part of South Avenue near the corner of Straits Highway.

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