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Posted on: March 3, 2021

Volunteers Keep Local Airport Running All Year

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Andy Bowman, Airport Manager, updated the Board recently on the activities at airport over the past six months.

Chris Kindsvatter retired following 12 years as the assistant manager and three years as the Manager, a big thank you to Chris for all his service. The summer went well with the aid of volunteers.

During the summer the volunteer group including John Leppien, Bob Redman, Chris Kindsvatter, Ray Eaton, Mark Machowicz and Andy Bowman. John Leppien owns all the equipment we use to cut grass and move snowflakes.

There are currently 10 hangers on the field. A couple with a home near Topinabee is planning to build a new, large hangar this spring. This will be our first new hangar since 2006.

The airport had planes depart from our airport flying to and or arriving from 10 states, as far west as Oregon. There were also many Michigan arrivals and departures.

There are two large turbine engine aircraft that arrive regularly bring families up to their summer homes. Due to the virus many pilots and passengers appreciate the improved safety of flying in without stops versus driving long distance with fuel and bathroom stops. 

The Airport recently had a large, brand new helicopter fly past us while inspecting the pipeline that passes through the airport property. Five minute later it returned to land due to a snow squall it had encountered. The pilot was very pleased to have our plowed facility available to use in this emergency. In the course of the last two years, the airport has also had a Coast Guard Helicopter with a mechanical issue land for repairs and a fixed wing plane also landed after turning around to await better weather. Our airport does more than bring home owners and visitors to our area. It provides a safe place to take refuge when the weather turns nasty.

Although small in number, volunteers get the job done and are looking forward to a year filled with lots more fun than 2020 provided!

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